What do we do?

At Kolmans we seek challenges and possibilities. We like to switch things around, make things different. These things often take time and failure. We don't back down from that, we embrace it.

Our goal

Rethink the way concepts work and make them better. We want to innovate the future, make life easier and overcome challenges. We believe that understanding the full pictures and then simplifying it, this creates products that are good & simple.

Do you have an idea?

Do you have an idea or project that fits in the Kolmans mindset? Let's have a chat! All idea's, challenges or innovations we are interested to hear. You're always welcome for a chat, lunch or a cup of coffee.

Feedback or bugs?

Feedback is always welcome, the only way we can improve is by being critical and trying to inject feedback into our work. It's always appreciated! Bugs, bugs are annoying and should be fixed, so let us know!

Thomas Kolmans


The founder of Kolmans. Started programming and creating at the age of 11, finished school in the United States and started his first company at age 17. Want to know more?

Looking for partners

Are you interested in being part of this adventure? Get in touch!