kolmans nytrix
Websites and applications, made simple and effective. All websites and applications are personally designed from the ground up, where you know exactly what you're getting.
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kolmans torryd
Media & entertainment. A new way to experience extreme sports from around the world, buidling a platform for these sports to exists on and be shared around the world.
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kolmans Vynwork
Hire or get hired through one platform. It offers flexibility, stability and transparency, managing getting hired or hiring has never been easier.
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A lightweight php library that makes loading dynamic, fast and easy. Loading files, functions and templates in a modern fashion.
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A lightweight php library that takes the hassle out of SQL. You can backup your databases, communicate between multiple connections and build queries in php.
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New things start by a first converstation, let's start here! A simple email or call is always apreciated.



Kolmans is a company overseeing projects solving issues in different areas, exploring new ideas and trying to build to a better and more prosperous future.


Rethink old and/or new business concepts to optimize it for now and the future. With all projects kolmans tries understand the full picture, and then looks and the other side of it, how can we make it truly more effecient, cheaper, and in general better. That is the main goal behind all Kolmans projects.

Do you have an idea?

Do you have an idea or project that fits in the Kolmans mindset and like the projects? Let's start talking, all ideas are confidential and will not be used nor shared, unless a deal has been made. Kolmans would be excited to hear from you!

Feedback or bugs?

Feedback is the the best way to learn and advance a product, so please send an email if you have any feedback or bugs or anything else that can make a product or Kolmans better. Learning is never finished, and Kolmans is far from being done learning.

Thomas Kolmans

Born in 1999, in Zwitserland. Grew up in Tilburg, the Netherlands. Want to know more?