Creating visions and idea's that go beyond.

At kolmans we create products that make our life easier. We seek challenges and possibilities where problems exist.

Why us? We like to switch things around, do things different. These things often take time and are difficult. We don't back down from that, we embrace it. Do you? Then we should talk.

Not letting go

Once we've set our minds on something, we will keep going until we've reached our goal. We stand and fall with this mindset.

Thinking in possibilities

We think in possibilities and solve the problems that come along, instead of thinking in the problems. Oppertunity should never be left alone because of problems that are in the way.


Yes, we're a bit crazy. Everything we do is different and more often than not we get called crazy for what we do. If you don't dare to be different, you won't create something new either.

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