Creating visions and ideas.

At Kolmans we create products that make our life easier. We seek challenges and possibilities where problems exist.

Why us? We like to switch things around, do things different. These things often take time and are difficult. We don't back down from that, we embrace it. Do you? Then we should talk.

Not letting go

Our grit is what defines us. Nothing is made or changed with ease, it is part of what we do. Letting go is not something we do.

Thinking in possibilities

We think in possibilities and solve the problems that come along, instead of thinking in the problems. Opportunity should never be left alone because of problems that are in the way.

Out of the box

What can you achieve with normality? Normality. This is why we believe to brand our selves as not normal, maybe even a bit crazy. Yes, we do things differently and don't conform to the norm.

Our brands & projects

The work we've done and will do in the future

kolmans No Name B.V.
No Name
No Name, No Boundaries. Outsourcing and outstaffing of software development managed near you.
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kolmans Vynwork
Everything you need to search or hire for flexible jobs. From communication to your payment, it is easy and fast so you can focus on what you're good at.
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kolmans No Name B.V.
Insight into development. Get insight into the personal and soft-skill development of your employees.
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kolmans Cleanheating
Sustainability made easy. Get rid of convection heating. Create a healthy indoor climate with our infrared heating panels. Good for you, others and the environment.
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Smartspider AI
Become smarter with data. Scraping open data and analyzing specific data to make your processes and decisions easier.
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Interested in the future we're building?

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